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Things you should know about Air Conditionining in florida

Referenced of Florida power and light information.

In most Florida homes, air conditioning accounts for 40-50% or more of the annual electric bill. So, this is the best place to start controlling your own energy consumption.

Keep your thermostat at 78 with the fan switch on auto.

  1. Cool your home only when you’re there. When you leave for the day, move the thermostat up to 82 and turn it back down to 78 when you come back. It costs a lot less to bring the temperature down to 78 than it does to keep it at 78 all day or you can have us install an inexpensive programmable thermostat that will do this for you automatically, so your home will be nice and cool whenever you’re there…and you won’t be wasting money when you’re not.
  2. Remind everyone in the family how thermostats work: Your house won’t cool down faster if you set the thermostat at 70. It just wastes money. If you want the temperature at 78, set the thermostat at 78.
  3. If the home is not your primary residence or are frequently traveling it is suggested to have a humidistat installed to keep your home air conditioning system running at a minimum resulting in savings and preventing mold growth.
  4. Clean or change your A/C filters once a month. A clogged filter makes your A/C work harder and may cause the system to break down.
  5. A standard air conditioner filter works well to keep your system and its ductwork clean, but they don’t really improve indoor air quality. To improve indoor air quality in your home it is recommended to have a media filter Installed. The media filter rests between the main return duct and the blower cabinet and will improve dust and particle removal by seven times than that of a standard furnace filter.
  6. Maintain proper airflow through your system. Keep the interior doors and vents open to help your A/C circulate air more efficiently.
  7. Enter a preventative maintenance program to keep your system running efficiently.
  8. Keep sunlight out during summer months. If you have a lot of windows, you’ll save on air conditioning if you keep the drapes or blinds closed when you’re not home.
  9. Check your duct system for leaks. If you have central air, check all the ducts and seals. If they leak, you’re wasting money. Click here for Duct System Test and Repair page for more information.

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