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If you have not yet decided on why to upgrade an old air conditioning system, costly repairs and efficiency is not your concern, maybe reading the following article may help you understand why Penguin Air recommends replacing an old air...
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Preventative maintenance of your central air conditioning system, very similar to a vehicle’s oil change and tune-up, benefits can maximize system performance, lower breakdown costs and inconvenience. Most emergency a/c repair calls are from systems that are not maintained, yearly...
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Choosing the right Air conditioning contractor for the job may not often be as easy as we all would like it to be, in fact, many homeowners who buy new high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment don’t get what they pay...
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❏ You leave your thermostat set at one constant temperature. You could be missing a great energy-saving opportunity. A programmable thermostat adjusts your home’s temperature at times when you’re regularly away or sleeping. Gain control over your energy consumption, it’s...
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